Angelwitch Bangkok is part of Bangkok's history. It began 20 years ago when a German and a Thai got married and teamed up to bring a new kind of entertainment to Nana Plaza. Pim, the feminine side of Angelwitch's founding team became the infamous Nana Plaza Witch performing exotic and stylish shows nightly with her minions and choreographing new shows in the daytime.

Matt, was the man behind the scenes bringing new music to Bangkok and influencing Pim's creative direction. The shows became a renowned sensation that others would try to copy but never match. The success of the shows and the ambience of the club became so popular that a second venue had to be opened in Pattaya.(...)

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Manager Dave with FongBeer

The Manager's Column

Welcome to the wacky world of Angelwitch! I am Dave, the lucky guy who is the manager of Angelwitch Bangkok. I have run go-go bars in Bangkok since the late 1990’s and I can tell you it has been one hell of a ride! During my years in Nana Plaza, the experiences and escapades have been truly incredible. The pinnacle of my career is being at the helm of Angelwitch, which gives me so much pride and joy.

The Bangkok branch of Angelwitch is the pioneer of the ultimate show ‘n’ go-go bar and has entertained crowds for over a decade. Angelwitch won the prestigious award of being voted ‘Best Go-Go Bar In Bangkok’ for 3 consecutive years. I was well aware of the tremendous popularity and success of Angelwitch. Former owner Matt made a profound statement when he said, ‘The challenge at Angelwitch is improving it.’ With that in mind, I hope I can continue to live up to that challenge.

I was fortunate enough to join the Angelwitch team, due to an opportunity arising, whereby the timing was perfect. Basically, I needed a job and Angelwitch needed a manager. Former co-owners Matt and Pim were about to hire a manager, when I arrived (late as usual) and stole the spotlight. Shortly after starting the job, I remember Matt saying, ‘It’s as though it was meant to happen.’ And so, with destiny on my side, I became the manager of Angelwitch.

Being the manager of Angelwitch is life in the fast lane and although the years fly by, I will always have such wonderful memories. I hope my Angelwitch dream continues and I hope yours does too. - Send your comments to the Manager

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